April 2017

Executive Changes at Majestic

Everett, Washington – A fresh change is ahead in the executive management at Majestic Glove. After 34 years in the glove and safety business, John Damon, General Manager of Majestic is retiring. Vincent Kruiniger, Director of Purchasing & Information Technology has been promoted as General Manager, with Todd Gorrebeeck, current Director of Sales as Vice President.

“After 34 years in the safety industry, I am excited to stay young at heart, sit back, relax and enjoy a rest that’s overdue, said John Damon, “The success and future of Majestic is in the most capable and talented hands imaginable.”

As Vincent Kruiniger embraces his new position as General Manager, he brings 15 years of safety experience in research & development, distribution, procurement, manufacturing and business management to Majestic. His support, initiative and leadership has helped Majestic achieve tremendous growth and success.

Vincent has been with Majestic since 2002. For the last 6 years, he has excelled in the company’s procurement and research & development departments. His work has helped produce industry leading, and award winning safety products. He also sits as Majestic’s representative on the ISEA board

Todd Gorrebeeck joined Majestic in 2008 and has been a veteran of the safety industry for over a decade. His leadership at Majestic has produced extraordinary results in sales, marketing and business development.

Majestic Glove, headquartered in Everett, Washington, is a personal protective equipment manufacturer that intensifies your safety standards by providing reliable and quality personal protective equipment for the roughest work conditions. We combine the quality of traditional craftsmanship with the latest technological and material advancements to create safety equipment and apparel that exceeds performance expectations

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