Majestic and OptiCrib™ Systems

Majestic has partnered with OptiCrib to create a completely automated inventory management system for your storeroom, warehouse, or supply closet that uses MULTIPLE CAMERAS to track every item taken from its shelves.


OptiCrib™ is a powerful, new high-tech tool for managing business-to-business materials, delivery, and inventory management in a frictionless technology setting.

Artificial Intelligence

The system leverages artificial intelligence and high-definition optical sensors to provide accuracy and accountability in an open warehouse or storeroom environment.


Uses a transformative technology that allows the user to “grab-and-go”. No need for scanning, written recordings of item numbers, physical forms, and interaction with storeroom personnel.

Frictionless Shopping

Provides an intuitive, frictionless shopping experience for any business to business inventory control environment. OptiCrib™ is the next level in automated solutions.

Value Delivered

OptiCrib™ radically reduces warehouse labor expense, and also reduces overall operating expense when compared to the various alternatives, including vending or RFID technologies

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