Statement of Responsibility
We believe that Corporate Responsibility is not only about the good management of our business but also excellent and responsive long term relationships with all our customers, employees and suppliers. We believe positive actions with respect to Corporate Responsibility are not only desirable in their own right but are also of potential economic and commercial benefit to Majestic Glove.

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Adherence to applicable local laws and regulations, and the application of common sense, logic and the basic standards of behavior expected in the society in which we participate, should guide each employee in determining the correct course of action that supports these standards in their daily working lives.


Statement of Responsibility
We recognize our responsibility to focus on intensifying environmental sustainability throughout our business, manufacturing processes, and in the world community.

Environmental Responsibility in Procuring Material
As Majestic continues to intensify your safety standards by combining the quality of traditional craftsmanship with the latest technological and material advancements, we aggressively work with our suppliers to provide the highest quality raw materials and finished textiles used in the manufacturing process of our products. This includes testing for harmful substances to the human ecology and environment.

Environmental Responsibility in Manufacturing
We have observed some manufacturing processes that pollute the environment with hazardous waste and emissions. Avoiding these manufacturing methods is Majestic’s mission and responsibility to the environment and our customers.

We actively work with our manufacturing plants to develop and improve manufacturing processes and practices. We seek superior efficiencies to reduce waste, and continue to develop new technologies that avoid using harmful materials. As an ISO certified organization, we work to establish ISO certification in our manufacturing plants because we believe these standards promote quality in manufacturing and services.

Where appropriate, we apply certain products with environmentally friendly treatments that increase the wear and durability of our products which reduces usage and waste.

Environmental Responsibility in Distribution & Shipping
In 2011 Majestic partnered with UPS to initiate a carbon neutral shipping option that has mitigated nearly 1,000 metric tonnes of CO2e. By purchasing certified carbon offsets to balance out emissions produced by the transportation of our shipments, and by developing efficiencies in logistics and recycled packaging material, we continue our commitment to intensify environmental sustainability. 



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